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+2~+15℃ Laboratory Refrigerator

Auto Defrost, Forced-Air Circulation
Suitable for hospitals,blood banks,epidemic prevention,animal husbandry areas, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes.
Designed to store medicine, vaccines, biological materials, testing reagents and laboratory materials.

Temperature Control

  • Microprocessor control, large LED screen displays inner temperature clearly.

  • The inner temperature can be adjustable at the range of 2℃~15℃, with an increment of 0.1℃.

  • Multiple sensors to display or control the temperature.

  • Lock and password protection to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters.

  • Optional 4.3"color LCD touch screen display system.

Safety Control

  • Malfunction alarms: high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, low voltage of backup battery, over temperature alarm system, set the alarm temperature as requirements.

  • Three alarming methods: buzzer alarming, digital flashing alarming and Remote alarm interface.

  • Protection function: start-up delay, shutdown interval.

  • Chart temperature recorder monitorsystem(Optional).

Refrigeration System

  • Highly efficient famous brand compressor and fan, with a high efficient refrigeration effect.

  • 70mm thick foam insulation, better insulation effect, helps to maintain temperature stability inside the refrigerator.

  • Forced-Air Circulation for large airflow with special air ducts to guarantee inner temperature consistency.

  • Large area of the evaporator design, cooling strong and high temperature uniformity, while effectively restraining frost, reduce defrosting process.

  • CFC-Free/HCFC refrigerant.

Ergonomic Design

  • Design of computer-user interface based on 4.3" color touch screen.

  • Safety door lock, preventing unauthorized access.

  • Auto defrost function guarantees a good performance in high ambient temperature and humidity area.

  • Wide voltage design from 192V to 242V.

  • Inner LED lighting and caster design.

  • Maintenance free condenser design.

  • No condensation glass door.

  • USB export interface for event and temperature data.

  • Baskets or stainless steel drawers (Optional).

Technical   SpecificationStructureVerticalVerticalVerticalSliding   DoorSliding   Door
Climate TypeNNNNN
Cooling TypeAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir CoolingAir Cooling
Defrost TypeAutoAutoAutoAutoAuto
Performance ParametersTemperature   Configuration (℃)55555
Temperature Range (℃)2~ 82~ 8 2~ 8 2~ 8 2~ 8
Rated Voltage (V/Hz)220/50220/50 220/50 220/50 220/50
Power Consumption(kwh/24h)3.34.656.57.6
Control SystemControllerMicrocomputer Intelligent ControllerMicrocomputer Intelligent ControllerMicrocomputer Intelligent ControllerMicrocomputer Intelligent ControllerMicrocomputer Intelligent Controller
Display TypeLED(Red)LED(Red)LED(Red)LED(Red)LED(Red)
MaterialExterior   MaterialPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powder
Interior MaterialPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powderPre-coated Steel with Galvanized powder
Net Weight/Gross Weight144/173 (kg)223/257 (kg)263/309 (kg)198/232 (kg)238/284 (kg)
Interior Dimension (W*D*H)660×690×1400 (mm)1180×690×1400 (mm)1460×690×1400 (mm)1180×620×1400 (mm)1460×620×1400 (mm)
Exterior Dimension (W*D*H)780×827×1945 (mm)1300×827×1945 (mm)1580×827×1945 (mm)1300×765×1935 (mm)1580×765×1935 (mm)
Packaging Dimension (W*D*H)840*870*2150 (mm)1340*870*2150 (mm)1640*870*2150 (mm)1340*810*2050 (mm)1640*810*2050 (mm)
FunctionLow/High temperature alarmYYYYY
Remote alarm connection   portYYYYY
Sensor failureYYYYY
Door open alarmYYYYY
Test PortYYYYY
Shelf/Inner door5/-5/-5/-5/-5/-
Foaming DoorOptionalOptionalOptional----
Power failure alarmOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Temperature RecorderOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
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