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Cryolab series liquid nitrogen tank is a small liquid nitrogen tank for economic laboratory, specially designed for biological samples or transport samples that require long-term static storage.


Cryolab series liquid nitrogen tank is a small liquid nitrogen tank for economic laboratory, specially designed for biological samples or transport samples that require long-term static storage. There are two types of products: storage type and transportation type. This series is made of high-strength light aluminum alloy and contains multiple layers of super-strong thermal insulation layers, which realizes the safety, lightness and high efficiency of the products and a variety of accessories are available to choose from.

Product Features:

  • High-strength product structure and light weight

  • Ultra-low evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen

  • Numbered index location for canisters

  • Straw Storage of large capacity

  • Supporting vials with cane to store various specifications of cryovials

  • Safety lock cover structure to prevent unauthorized opening

  • Liquid level monitoring system is safe and efficient (optional)

  • Convenient and labor-saving transportation trolley (optional)

  • Reliable and stable transfer pump (optional)

  • Long five-year vacuum warranty

Model Parameter:

ModelCryolab 2/30Cryolab 2/35Cryolab 3/50Cryolab 6/50Cryolab 10/50Cryolab 10/80Cryolab10/125
Straw(two layers)(0.5ML)///////
Straw(two layers)(0.25ML)///////
Liquid nitrogen capacity(L)2236101010
Static evaporation(L/D)
Static liquid nitrogen storage period(D)29252550834723
Neck diameter(MM)303550505080125
Overall height(MM)399428435482552557554
Outer diameter(MM)223204223300300300300
Outer diameter of canister(MM)19253838386397
Canister height(MM)120120120120120120120
Weight empty(KG)

ModelCryolab 13/50Cryolab 15/50Cryolab 20/50Cryolab 25/50Cryolab 30/50Cryolab 30/80Cryolab 30/125
Straw(two layers)(0.5ML)1284/1284128412843624/
Straw(two layers)(0.25ML)2832/2832283228328460/
Liquid nitrogen capacity(L)1315202531.531.531.5
Static evaporation(L/D)
Static liquid nitrogen storage period(D)10813616717926315090
Neck diameter(MM)505050505080125
Overall height(MM)623591672700705709704
Outer diameter(MM)310394394384462462462
Outer diameter of canister(MM)38383838386397
Canister height(MM)276120120/276120/276120/276120/276120
Weight empty(KG)

ModelCryolab 35/50Cryolab 35/80Cryolab 35/125Cryolab 47/127Cryolab 47/127-10Cryolab 50B/50Cryolab 50B/125
Straw(two layers)(0.5ML)12843624904810704820012849048
Straw(two layers)(0.25ML)28328460207602360416400283220760
Liquid nitrogen capacity(L)35.535.535.547475050
Static evaporation(L/D)
Static liquid nitrogen storage period(D)29616196131131208111
Neck diameter(MM)508012512712750125
Overall height(MM)749753748718718810818
Outer diameter(MM)462462462508508462462
Outer diameter of canister(MM)386397104723897
Canister height(MM)120/276120/276120/276120/276276120/276120/276
Weight empty(KG)14.214.514.618.


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