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Danclan Successfully Passed the High-tech Enterprise Certification Review

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Danclan Successfully Passed the High-tech Enterprise Certification Review

On December 15, 2021, Danclan Biotech Chengdu Co., Ltd. successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification. 


This certification has far-reaching significance.First, it signifies that our company has achieved good results in the R&D of new products, independent intellectual property rights in recent years. Second, it will promote R&D, new project development and other aspects. Third, this certification will promote the company's future production, operation and management work into a more standardized and effective track.



Danclan provides you a scientific, innovative and safe overall solution for liquid nitrogen cryopreservation. Scientific design, innovative functions, and safe performance allow you to store precious biological samples with confidence. The safety of your samples is our eternal goal and unremitting pursuit. We are always committed to the safety and integrity of the samples, the ease of use and reliability of the device, and each solution can provide the best protection for your precious samples.


Kirin Cloud Wireless Monitoring System is the world's leading wireless monitoring solution for cryopreservation device in life science. It is an integrated wireless monitoring system based on advanced technologies of low-power consumption, IOT and cloud technology. Kirin Cloud wireless monitoring system is mainly oriented to the customers that have business in biological sample storage, R&D, and other applications. The system can realize the IOT-based key indicators management of device related to temperature, humidity, liquid level & temperature, oxygen concentration and carbon dioxide concentration; and can also realize the permission management of the key device and traceability during transmission.


Therefore, our company passed the national high-tech enterprise this time is not only an honor, but also a responsibility. It will further promote the process of independent innovation and development, and strive to realize " Smart internet of things, Smart medical solutions”

Danclan Biotech Chengdu Co., LTD.

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