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The Ministry of Commerce Visited Danclan

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The Ministry of Commerce Visited Danclan

In the second half of 2021, Minister Yu of the Ministry of Commerce visited Danclan with Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee Teng Zhongping, Director of the Provincial Department of Commerce Zeng Qing, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee Liu Xiaoliu, Special Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce in Chengdu Fu Yan, Pidu District Chief Zhao Jidong, District Bureau of Commerce Director Wu Jin, director of the Shuangchuang Management Committee Zhang Jun and other leaders.


Danclan welcomed the arrival of leaders, and at the same time reported the production and operation of our company and future development plans in detail. In the process of communication, we introduced the product functions, features, market competition and usage of our company's related products. They were interested in our Kirin cloud wireless monitoring system, intelligent liquid nitrogen tank and other products and then we demonstrated the related products and their function display.


After the product demonstration, Minister Yu expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the transformation of our company's existing achievements, and also paid attention to the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of our company. We admitted that the company's business development and market promotion have been affected due to the pandemic in recent years, but we will never forget why we started and face to the challenge, comply with the national strategic development direction, seize market opportunities, promote product research and development, and enhance product competition. We strive to make products that truly solve users' difficulties, and achieve both domestic and overseas markets.

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