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Vertical Cryorack


Vertical cryoracks are mainly used for the storage and management of biological and medical clinical samples in vapor phase liquid nitrogen tank, and stored in cryovials, cryoboxes to make efficient use of limited storage space. This product adopts advanced mold and is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. It has the advantages of good consistency, beautiful appearance, high strength, and no solder joints. It completely solves the poor strength of the general vapor phase tank cryorack and the weak spot welding. It’s suitable for vapor phase tank of mainstream domestic and foreign brands such as MVE/Thermo/Taylor-Wharton/Haier/Danclan.

Product Feature:

  • High-quality stainless steel 304 material and corrosion resistant

  • Professional structure design that is beautiful and robust

  • Seamless welding, high strength and robust structure

  • Long-term storage of samples at -196℃

  • Easy to identify and place samples

  • Suitable for 2 inch cryobox

  • Suitable for various brand of vapor phase LN2 tank

Model Parameter:



DescriptionCompatible Vapor Phase Tank Model
DA412DCJ1055DCJ-10-5510 layers×25cells/2 inch82*85*569Cryobiobank 13K/27K/59K
DA412DCJ1099DCJ-10-9910 layers×81(100)cells/2 inch142*141*570Cryobiobank 13K/27K/59K
DA412DCJ1155DCJ-11-5511 layers×25cells/2 inch82*85*625CryoPlus1/2/3/4
DA412DCJ1199DCJ-11-9911 layers×81(100)cells/2 inch142*141*626CryoPlus1/2/3/4
DA412DCJ1255DCJ-12-5512 layers×25cells/2 inch82*85*682/
DA412DCJ1299DCJ-12-9912 layers×81(100)cells/2 inch142*141*683/
DA412DCJ1355DCJ-13-5513 layers×25cells/2 inch82*85*739CryoExtra 80,Cryobiobank 43K/76K
DA412DCJ1399DCJ-13-9913 layers×81(100)cells/2 inch142*141*740CryoExtra 80,Cryobiobank 43K/76K
DA412DCJ1455DCJ-14-5514 layers×25cells/2 inch82*85*796CryoExtra 40,Cryobiobank 19K/38K
DA412DCJ1499DCJ-14-9914 layers×81(100)cells/2 inch142*141*797CryoExtra 40,Cryobiobank 19K/38K
DA412DCJ1555DCJ-15-5515 layers×25cells/2 inch82*85*853CryoExtra 20/94,Cryobiobank 50K/88K/95K
DA412DCJ1599DCJ-15-9915 layers×81(100)cells/2 inch142*141*854CryoExtra 20/94,Cryobiobank 50K/88K/95K


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