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+2~+15℃ Laboratory Refrigerator

+2~+8℃ freezer

-150℃ storage gas phase LN2 tank

-190 Degrees of Biological Sample Storage 1000 Liters Stainless Steel Smart Vapor Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tanks with 55000 Vials and 13 Inch Touch Screen

-25℃ Deep Freezer

-25℃/+4 Combined Refrigerator and Refrigerator

-30℃ Deep Freezer

-40℃ Deep freezer

-60℃ Deep freezer

-60℃ ULT freezer

-86℃ ULT Freezer

1.8ml Cryo Box for medical

10 layers Cryo Rack

1000mm Liquid Level Ruler

10L Tank for Storage Animal & Poultry Husbandry Equipment Yds10-80 Liquid Nitrogen Container Dewar Storage Tank Liquid

13 layers Cryo Rack For storage

2 inch Cryo Rack

25cells/ 5*5 Cryo Box for medical

25cells/ 5*5 Cryo Box For storage

2m Vacuum Hose

2m Vacuum Hose for LN2 transfer

4 wheels roller base for portable aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen cryogenic dewat

5 place vial cane for cryogenic storage

5 wheels roller base cyliner dolly for dewar LN2 tank

5 wheels roller base for cryogenic dewar easy movement

5 wheels roller base trolly for cryo LN2 dewar container movement

6 place aluminum vial cane for ultra cold temperature storage

81cells / 9*9 Cryo Box for medical

81cells / 9*9 Cryo Box For storage

accurate controller lifting device for cryogenic freezer sample pickup

accurate gas detector wireless sensor for CO2/O2 remote alarm

acrylic Cryogenic Protection

adjustable straps nylon protective cryo apron

adjustable straps waterproof light cryo apron

AI sheath

Aluminum alloy cryorack LN2 Tank

aluminum alloy double lock liquid nitrogen tank

aluminum alloy LN2 sample storage tank

aluminum alloy narrow neck liquid nitrogen tank

Aluminum liquid nitrogen Container /tank

aluminum vial cane for cryogenic storage

aluminum vial cane for ultra cold temperature storage

aluminun alloy liquid nitrogen tank for transfer

animal semen dewar liquid nitrogen storage tank

Animal Semen storage tank

artificial insemination

artificial insemination gloves for AI gun

artificial insemination gloves for AI sheath

audible and visual alarms

auto-filling control system liquid nitrogen storage tank

auto-filling control system LN2 supply tank with convenient casters

auto-filling control system LN2 transfer tank

Auto-filling Smart Liquid nitrogen tank

auto-filling system LN2 storage tank

Auto-record gas phase LN2 tank for medical

Auto-record Smart Liquid nitrogen tank

auxiliary lifting device for large freezer cryo racks pickup

available auto-filling control system liquid nitrogen tank

Beautiful Cryo Rack For storage

Below 0.1MPa cryostor supply tank

Biobank solutions

Biological sample bank management software

biological sample LN2 transfer vehicle CryoSmartCART

biological sample LN2 vehicle for short transportation

Biological sample transfer vehicle

Biological Tissue Bank

Blood Bag Box

blood bag canister for cryogenic storage

blood bag canister frame for cryogenic storage

blood bag cassette

Blood Bag Frame

blood bag frames and cassettes in cold low temperature

Blood Bag Rack

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood refrigerator

Blood transport box

blue bib cryogenic protective apron in ultra cold temperature

blue bib water resistant cryo apron for aprotection

blue cryo gloves for ultra-cold application

blue lightweight cryogenic face shield splashes protection

blue nylon cryo clothing for cryogenic protection

blue nylon light cryo apron for protection

blue PC cryo box for threaded vials storage

blue water resistant cryo apron for protection

blue water resistant cryo shoes for cryogenic safety protection

blue waterproof cryo clothing suits for ultra cold application

blue waterproof cryogenic hat splashes protection in low temperature

blue waterproof light cryogenic apron for protection

blue waterproof splash protection cryo gloves

Bovine artificial insemination AI gun

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