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Danclan Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Tank - Cryosmart Series

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Danclan Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Tank - Cryosmart Series

Cryosmart series provide excellent protection for biological samples. Based on the Kirin Cloud management platform, the operation of the equipment is closely monitored to ensure the safety of stored samples and the traceability of operating data. Cryosmart series completely solves the technical problems of applying information technology and low power consumption technology in the low temperature environment of-196°C, and can realize temperature and liquid level monitor in real time, remote monitor, remote alarms, automatic backup and storage of monitor data on the cloud platform. Cryosmart series perfectly combines advanced liquid nitrogen tank production and manufacturing technology with intelligent monitoring technology. The product is light in weight, small in space, large in capacity, and efficient in sample access. It can monitor the operating status of the container in real time. In case of any problem, it can alarm in time to ensure the safety of sample storage.

Cryosmart 6000

Product Features:

  • Reliable temperature monitor in real time

  • Reliable liquid level monitor in real time

  • Intelligent remote monitoring, need to configure data repeater

  • Automatically back up operating data and upload it to the cloud platform for permanent storage

  • Intelligent remote alarm system (phone, SMS, email, WeChat)

  • Excellent low-power technology, battery working time up to two years

  • Convenient battery replacement

  • Excellent internal temperature uniformity and stability

  • Ultra-low evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen

  • Unique and beautiful product appearance

  • Safe and reliable double lock structure

  • Compatible with 2ml and 5ml cryo-vials (optional)

  • Stable and safe vapor phase storage (optional)

  • Safe and worry-free automatic refill system (optional)

  • Long five-year vacuum warranty


Product Advantages:

  • Optimized Design:

    Through a large number of experimental verifications, we have the best balance in product capacity, using efficiency and storage time.

  • Larger Volume:

    Compared with similar products, the area of land occupied is small, the storage sample is large, which can save space and reduce the storage cost of unit samples.

  • Higher Performance:

    High vacuum coverage and innovative structure design, available for longer storage time, lower liquid nitrogen consumption, and greatly reduce liquid nitrogen volatilization rate.

  • Easier to Use:

    The humanized structure design and optimized cylinder structure make it easier and faster to access samples and ensure the safety of the operation process.

  • Temperature Monitor:

    The monitoring system based on the intelligent control system and high-precision platinum resistance temperature sensor can display the temperature in the tank in real time with an accuracy of ±0.1℃. Users can set the alarm mode and alarm value according to their needs.

  • Liquid Level Monitor:

    The monitoring system based on the intelligent control system and the original capacitive liquid level sensor can display the liquid level height in real time to ensure the effective and reliable liquid nitrogen capacity in the tank and the safe sample storage.

  • Intelligent System:

    Visually display the main parameters of liquid nitrogen tank, such as liquid level and temperature. Also, it can realize data interconnection and intercommunication with the Kirin Cloud management platform, and realize remote monitor and remote alarm.

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