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Product Introduction

  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Liquid Nitrogen Transport Tank- Cryotrek Series


    Cryotrek series LN2 tank is suitable for transporting biological samples in deep low temperature environment (gas phase storage, temperature lower than -150 ° C), and can avoid the danger of liquid nitrogen release during transportation, and is especially suitable for short-term air transportation Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Kirin Cloud Monitoring For LN2 Tank—For the Safety of Reproduction


    On June 15, the Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau issued a notice to include 16 assisted reproductive technology projects involving a large population, necessary for diagnosis and treatment, mature technology, safe and reliable, into the scope of Class A reimbursement for outpatient clinics Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Vapor/Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tank Introduction


    The vapor phase LN2 tank works by preserving biological samples through the nitrogen vapor evaporated from liquid nitrogen. The temperature of nitrogen vapor is lower than -150 degrees to meet the cryogenic storage needs of biological samples, which is generally used to preserve samples with higher Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Smart Traceability Management System


    Smartlock X is kirin cloud smart traceability management system, which is the world's leading wireless management solution in the field of life science. It is an integrated management system based on the advanced technologies of low-power consumption, IOT and cloud technology, etc. This system is ma Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Kirin Cloud CO2 Incubator Wireless Monitoring System


    Smart Sensor G4 is a carbon dioxide incubator electric wireless sensor. It is a highly integrated IOT module with three functions of collecting carbon dioxide concentration (0~10%VOL), temperature (-20 ~ 60° C) and humidity (0~100%RH). This sensor is suitable for all the carbon dioxide incubator (in Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Transfer Vehicle - CryoSmartCART Series


    CryoSmartCART is specially designed for loading biological samples. This product adopts the leading high vacuum technology and uses high vacuum multi-layer insulation technology to keep inner temperature, effectively control the evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen, and ensure the effectiveness and d Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Smart Sound&Light Alarm —— On Site and Remote Alarm


    Smartmonitor X Kirin Cloud smart sound&light alarm relies on the Kirin Cloud management platform. It is a new generation of touch screen sound and light alarm based on IOT, cloud technology and Android Pad technology, with three network connection modes of 4G/WIFI/cable network. It solves the techni Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank - Cryostor Series


    Cryostor series tank is mainly used for storing liquid nitrogen in central laboratories. It is the latest high-performance low-temperature liquid medium storage container. It uses less liquid in the container to gasify to generate pressure, so that the container automatically discharges liquid, thus Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Tank - Cryosmart Series


    Cryosmart series provide excellent protection for biological samples. Based on the Kirin Cloud management platform, the operation of the equipment is closely monitored to ensure the safety of stored samples and the traceability of operating data. Cryosmart series completely solves the technical prob Read More
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