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Danclan Liquid Nitrogen Transport Tank- Cryotrek Series

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Danclan Liquid Nitrogen Transport Tank- Cryotrek Series

Cryotrek series LN2 tank is suitable for transporting biological samples in deep low temperature environment (gas phase storage, temperature lower than -150 ° C), and can avoid the danger of liquid nitrogen release during transportation, and is especially suitable for short-term air transportation such as airplanes. There is a liquid nitrogen absorber inside (avoid contact with water), which can absorb and store liquid nitrogen, and liquid nitrogen will not overflow even if the container is dumped. There is also a special stainless steel mesh screen to separate the storage space from the liquid nitrogen absorber, which can prevent the liquid nitrogen adsorbent material from mixing into the cryovials. The M-type tank integrates wireless temperature monitoring system to display the temperature in LN2 tank in real time, and upload the data to Kirin Cloud Platform through data repeater to realize remote monitor and remote alarm, so as to ensure the safety and data traceability of samples during transportation.


Product Features

▪Vapor phase storage

▪Rapid LN2 adsorption, can be used repeatedly

▪Robust and durable product structure

▪Excellent vacuum performance to ensure longer storage time

▪Straws and vials are available

▪No liquid nitrogen overflow during transportation

▪Safe and lockable lid structure

▪Unique stainless steel mesh screen for clean storage space

▪All models can be equipped with temperature monitoring system, ensure the safety and traceability of samples during transportation

▪Long three-year vacuum warranty

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