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Danclan Smart Traceability Management System

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Danclan Smart Traceability Management System

Smartlock X is Kirin Cloud Smart Traceability Management System, which is the world's leading wireless management solution in the field of life science. It is an integrated management system based on the advanced technologies of low-power consumption, IOT and cloud technology. This system is mainly oriented to the customers that have business in biological sample storage, research & development, and application. It can realize the safe IOT management of devices, such as freezer, incubator, pharmaceutical stability experiment device, LN2 tank and various equipments, and also can realize the IOT management of use privilege and the traceability during recording process.



Kirin Cloud Smart Traceability Management System consists of three parts: wireless smart fingerprint lock with low-power consumption (Smart Lock X1), wireless data repeater (Smart X-Box) and smart management control master (Smartlock X). This system has features of self-adaption networking, easy installation, convenient use; accurate data, reliable running and safe transmission. Users only need to register and log in to realize remote monitoring, remote alarm and data traceability. 

Kirin Cloud Smart Traceability Management System will bring you unprecedented good experience. The system assures the safety of working environment and sample preservation through authorization and secure data recording. It provides function of traceability, and meets the requirements of laws and regulations, applicable to GMP/GLP standard management.

Kirin Cloud Smart Traceability Management System can effectively ensure the experimental safety of precious samples to which we spend years of working time and huge investment. It is an indispensable aid for your scientific research work.


Products Features:

  • Multiple permission management of use

  • Traceability of device operating record

  • Three login ways: fingerprint, face and password

  • Abundant alarm methods

  • Stable and reliable hardware structure

  • Simple and beautiful software interface

  • Convenient and efficient application logic

  • Fluent operating touch large display

  • Abundant network communication

  • Abundant and comprehensive serial function

  • Continuous working ability without power

  • Seamless functional complementarity

  • Certified product function

  • Refreshing overall appearance

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