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Danclan Vapor Phase Cryobiobank Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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Danclan Vapor Phase Cryobiobank Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Cryobiobank series of highly efficient liquid nitrogen storage tanks provide excellent protection for biological samples. The Cryomonitor 3000 intelligent monitoring system closely monitors the operation of the equipment to ensure the safety of the sample. It comes standard with one-piece folding stage and auxiliary tables, and the lid is designed based on Human Mechanics, so that the equipment is safe and easy to use. It can store samples in both the gas and the liquid phase, and can ensure excellent temperature uniformity and stability in the whole tank even when the lid is opened for a long time. The temperature difference in the whole storage area does not exceed 10°C, and the minimum temperature at the top of the cryo-rack can reach -190°C. This design can ensure the minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen and the largest storage capacity for samples, so as to achieve the most economical operation.

Cryomonitor 3000

Product Features:

  • Compatible with gas phase and liquid phase storage modes;

  • 10 kinds of capacity optional to meet your storage requirements;

  • Excellent internal temperature uniformity and stability;

  • Reliable temperature and liquid level monitoring system;

  • Perfect alarm system, which can realize remote monitoring and alarm through Internet;

  • Automatic rehydration system, safe and worry free;

  • Operation data can be stored locally and cloud platform permanently, and can be exported and archived;

  • One-click defogging, convenient for sample search and collection;

  • Prevent splashing of liquid nitrogen to ensure safe operation;

  • User friendly structure design for comfortable operation;

  • ISO 9000 and CE certification;

  • Long five-year vacuum warranty

Smartlifting 1000

Product Advantages:

  • Optimized Design: Through a large number of experimental verifications, we have the best balance in product capacity, using efficiency and storage time.

  • Larger Volume: Compared with similar products, the area of land occupied is small, the storage sample is large, and the loading efficiency of the product is increased by 10-30%, which can save space and reduce the storage cost of unit samples.

  • Higher Performance: High vacuum coverage, innovative cover and neck offset small open design, can achieve longer storage time, lower liquid nitrogen consumption, reduce liquid nitrogen volatile rate greatly. The minimum temperature of the mouth can reach to-190 ℃, even if the cover opened for a long time, the inner portion of the temperature can remain stable, and the tank temperature is not higher than the -150 ° C in 48 hours.

  • Easier to Use: Humanized structure design and 13-inch interactive touch screen intelligent liquid nitrogen management system can realize Wired / WIFI / 4G networking, support local sound and light alarms and phone call, SMS, E-mail, WeChat remote alarms. Operation data can be saved and traced permanently, downloaded and archived on your demand; The advanced independent temperature and capacitive liquid level monitoring system, making your sample storage more convenient and safety, and allowing your device to run more reliable.

  • Temperature Monitor: The monitoring system based on the intelligent control system (Cryomonitor 3000) and three groups of high-precision platinum resistance temperature sensors can display the highest and lowest position temperature in the tank, and the temperature of the replenishment pipeline in real time, with an accuracy of ± 0.1 ℃. The user can set the alarm mode and alarm value according to the demand.

  • Liquid Level Monitor: The monitoring system based on the intelligent control system (Cryomonitor 3000)and the capacitive liquid level sensor can display the height of liquid level in real time, and effectively avoiding the large deviation of the liquid level measurement caused by ice blockage and sensor errors in the using process, and ensuring the safety and reliability of the automatic liquid nitrogen replenishment process.

  • Hot Gas Bypass: The hot gas bypass can remove the room temperature nitrogen in the pipeline before the liquid nitrogen is injected to ensure that only ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen is injected into the tank, which avoids temperature fluctuations in the liquid nitrogen tank during the filling process, which affects the safety of sample storage, and also reduces extra consumption of liquid nitrogen.

  • Humanized Design: The integrated folding step reduces the operation height, and makes the sample taking and placing convenient and labor-saving; the internal rotating tray spare opening is convenient to find the accidentally dropped sample; the auxiliary lifting mechanism (optional) of the frozen shelf is convenient for users to take and place the frozen shelf.

  • Intelligent System: The 13-inch interactive touch screen visually displays the liquid level, temperature and other main parameters, functions, and permission settings of the liquid nitrogen tank. It supports security permission management in three ways: face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and password input

  • Remote Interaction: Realize the interconnection of operation data (temperature and liquid level) with Kirin cloud management platform to realize remote monitoring and remote alarm (Telephone, SMS, Email, WeChat); optional Kirin Cloud Management Platform to realize sample information management.

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