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How to Make Cryopreservation Safer?

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How to Make Cryopreservation Safer?

A liquid nitrogen leak at a Georgia poultry plant killed six people Thursday and left several others hospitalized, including a firefighter who responded, local officials said. At least three of those injured at the Foundation Foods Group plant in Gainesville were reported in critical condition.

Nitrogen is a naturally occurring element needed for both growth and reproduction in plants and animals. It is also found in the air we breathe. When it is substantially cooled, it can become liquid.

Liquid nitrogen is so cold that it freezes anything it touches, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It clocks in around 320 degrees below freezing. Because it's so cold, liquid nitrogen immediately boils when it touches anything room temperature, which is what causes the cloudy smoke seen in fancy cocktails and frozen desserts.

When liquid nitrogen is exposed to the air, it can turn into a gas. Oxygen levels can drop when this happens and can lead to headaches, lightheadedness and even the loss of consciousness.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, liquid nitrogen is non-toxic but can cause severe damage to skin and internal organs if mishandled or ingested because of the extremely low temperatures it maintains. (via NBC News)

From this news, we can find that protection is essential for cryopreservation, and the monitor device is also needed. 

As a professional company, Danclan has focused on the field of human life science, developing a series of products with scientific, innovative, and safe cryopreservation use by taking advantages of cryogenic storage technology, and providing innovative comprehensive solution for researchers in various areas.


Danclan liquid nitrogen tank provides you a scientific design, innovation functions and safe performance.


Based on the high quality of tanks, we also have comprehensive wireless monitoring system for all your demand. This system not only record your device data in real time, but also provide you a reliable remote monitoring and alarm. Danclan has worked with a number of companies over the years. We provide monitors and customized services for many different tanks, such as Thermo Fisher, MVE, CBS, Air Liquid, Worthington, Haier, etc.


Today, cryogenic consumables are also essential for the working environment at ultra-low temperature. All the consumables are made from high quality medical grade raw materials and have all passed the relevant inspection and certification. Danclan provides you a full protective and professional products, such as cryoracks, cryovials, cryoboxes, cryo-gloves, cryo-apron, cryo-clothing


Danclan has high quality products, customized services, complete certification, reliable support, professional technical guidance and comprehensive solution. Choosing us will solve the problems you met. The safety of your samples is our eternal goal and unremitting pursuit. We are always committed to the safety and integrity of the samples, the ease of use and reliability of the device, and each solution can provide the best protection for your precious samples.

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