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  • [Knowledge Expansion] How To Choose An Ultra-low Temperature Refrigerator


    1. Energy SavingThe simplest way to reduce the "necessary devil" side effects is to choose a refrigerator with smaller operating power consumption and environmental heat dissipation rate for the same storage capacity, as well as one that can pass energy-saving certifications and has authoritative po Read More
  • [Knowledge Expansion] Safety of Liquid Nitrogen


    Using liquid nitrogen requires additional safety precautions because both lack of oxygen and extremely cold temperatures increase risks to workers compared to other refrigeration systems. Kirin Cloud Wireless Monitoring System is a great assistance for the safety. Read More
  • [Knowledge Expansion] What is Liquid Nitrogen


    Liquid nitrogen refers to liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is inert, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and extremely low-temperature liquid. When vaporized, a large amount of endothermic contact causes frostbite. Nitrogen makes up the bulk of the atmosphere (78.03% by volume and 75. Read More
  • [Knowledge Expansion] Why is the LN2 Cryo-box Recommended PC Material Instead of PP Material?


    Cryo-boxes are mainly used in liquid/vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage environments. The common cryo-boxes are generally made of PP(polypropylene) or PC(polycarbonate). Compared with PC material, PP material has better flexibility and ductility and lower cost, but PP material may cause problems in Read More
  • [Knowledge Expansion] Temperature related to biological samples—﹣196℃


    - 196°C is the temperature at which liquid nitrogen volatilizes, and the biochemical reactions in this temperature range basically cease, which can maintain the stability of macromolecules, cells and tissue microstructure for a long time, and is the most ideal temperature for preserving cellular act Read More
  • [Knowledge Expansion] How to Make Cryopreservation Safer?


    A liquid nitrogen leak at a Georgia poultry plant killed six people Thursday and left several others hospitalized, including a firefighter who responded, local officials said. At least three of those injured at the Foundation Foods Group plant in Gainesville were reported in critical condition. Poul Read More
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