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Kirin Cloud CO2 Incubator Wireless Monitoring System

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Kirin Cloud CO2 Incubator Wireless Monitoring System

Smart Sensor G4 is a carbon dioxide incubator electric wireless sensor. It is a highly integrated IOT module with three functions of collecting carbon dioxide concentration (0~10%VOL), temperature (-20 ~ 60° C) and humidity (0~100%RH). This sensor is suitable for all the carbon dioxide incubator (include small size desktop incubator). When the data are collected, the collected data are transmitted to the data repeated according to the natural frequency (10 minutes/time).

Smart wireless monitor

  1. Ultra-low power consumption intelligent monitoring system: the effective working time is up to two years on the battery, and it will not be affected and limited by the power supply.

  2. Highly integrated high-precision sensor: using built-in British high-precision carbon dioxide concentration sensor and Swiss high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, wireless transmission automatic adaptation, accurate and and stable operation.

  3. 24-hour uninterrupted remote monitoring: support access through computers, tablets, mobile phones, WeChat, and mini-program.

  4. Comprehensive alarm logic: support threshold alarm, trend alarm, offline alarm, and timed notice.

  5. Various remote alarm methods: support voice, SMS, email, WeChat, sound and light five methods.

  6. Easy-to-use Kirin Cloud Platform: graphically display the relevant information of the CO2 incubator device, support the home page display, automatic backup, data report and large-screen display and other special functions, and export the required data report as needed.

  7. Comply with relevant laws and regulations: comply with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GMP standard management requirements.


  • Keep cell culture safe

  • Intelligent concentration and temperature monitoring

  • Permanent traceability of operating data

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