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Kirin Cloud Traceability Management System

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Kirin Cloud Traceability Management System

Kirin Cloud Traceability Management System is a leading wireless management solution for equipment usage authority and security traceability in the field of life sciences. It is an equipment security management system based on cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud technology, and low power consumption. The system can realize various liquid nitrogen tanks, refrigerators, incubators, drug stability test boxes and other equipment safety IOT management, and can also realize the IOT management of usage rights and traceable process records.


Smart Lock X1 is a low-power wireless fingerprint lock with a built-in large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery. The effective working time of a single charge is up to 6 months (affected by the frequency of unlocking), and it supports three unlocking methods: fingerprint, remote, and key. When the lock is opened or closed, the operation record will be stored in the lock first, and then transmitted to the Kirin Cloud Traceability Platform through the bluetooth wireless data repeater for storage.


Smart X-Box bluetooth wireless data repeater is a bluetooth gateway that supports Bluetooth 4.2/5.0. It integrates Bluetooth PA and LNA. The Bluetooth scanning and connection distance can reach 10 meters. Users only need to install the device on the mains socket and no more than 10 meters away from the fingerprint lock, the operation record of the fingerprint lock can be transmitted to the Kirin Cloud Traceability Platform. The bluetooth wireless data repeater comes standard with a 4G IOT card, connected to the power adapter, and can be used after one minute of power-on. The data repeater supports POE power supply or power adapter power supply.


Product Features

  • One-to-one traceability management of device

  • Support fingerprint, remote and key unlocking methods, safe and reliable

  • Support PC, WeChat mini program remote control

  • Support custom multi-level authority management

  • Support administrator, single-person mode, and double-person mode remote unlocking requirements

  • Support multiple alarm logic and remote alarm methods

  • Support various unlocking and locking traceability data export

  • Support detailed operation log and login log

  • Wireless transmission, not limited by the location of the device

  • Excellent low power consumption technology, battery working time can reach half a year, and can be recharged


Product Advantages

  • Support multi-person fingerprint unlocking, remote unlocking, key unlocking three ways

  • Dual-unlock and remote unlock by authorization

  • Support remote alarms such as voltage, overtime, timeout, timed notice

  • Optional wireless monitoring to realize remote alarm and unified platform with traceability management

  • Trace the use of equipment such as opening and closing doors, and open and close lock operation records

  • Support all data, record download and archive, comply with the management requirements of laws and regulations

  • Supports electronic signatures and complies with FDA 21CFR Part 11 management regulations

  • Support unlocking authority and system authority management, meeting various management needs

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