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Kirin Cloud for IASO BIO

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Kirin Cloud for IASO BIO

IASO Bio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of novel cell therapies for oncology and autoimmune diseases. To ensure the progress of the research project, the safe storage of samples, the traceability of operation data, and meet the management requirements of GMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Nanjing IASO BIO has purchased a large number of Danclan cork type liquid level and temperature wireless sensor.

Cork type wireless sensor

Smart Sensor LT is a LN2 tank cork type liquid level and temperature wireless sensor. It is a highly integrated IOT module with functions of monitoring liquid level (0~1000mm) and temperature (-200° C~200° C). There is a built-in lithium battery (replaceable), and its effective working duration can reach about one year. Users only need to customize the cork type liquid level and temperature wireless sensor according to the brand and model of their liquid nitrogen tank. When installing, it's only  necessary to replace the original LN2 tank lid and put the wireless sensor into the LN2 tank. Then the sensor will collect the liquid level and temperature, and upload the data to Kirin Cloud Management Platform in real time, so that users can view it through the PC and WeChat mini program at any time to ensure the safety of sample storage.

Smart Sensor LT

Smart LT-box is a wireless data repeater. It is a highly integrated IOT module with mobile 4G (type G) and WIFI (type W) functions to transmit monitoring data. It has built-in high-capacity and high-performance rechargeable lithium battery. The effective working duration of the battery can reach about 3 days even in the condition of power failure. The working environment is (- 20° C~50° C). When installed, the repeater and sensor should be located in the same room that has power supply. Under normal networking condition, the received data from sensor will be kept in the Kirin Cloud management platform according to natural frequency(10 minutes/time). Under abnormal networking condition, the received data from sensor will be kept in the local till the recovery of networking, and to Kirin Cloud management platform.

Liquid level and temperature sensor for LN2 tank

This system has self-adaption networking, easy installation, convenient use, accurate data, reliable running and safe transmission. The data is collected by wireless sensor, and then transmitted to data repeater and uploaded to Kirin Cloud Platform through 4G or WIFI network. Users only need to register and log in to realize remote monitor, remote alarm (telephone, SMS, Email, WeChat, sound and light alarm) and data traceability. With the IOT as a means, the difficulties and “pain points” of life science equipment management are completely solved.

Kirin Cloud Wireless Monitoring System ensures the safety of the working environment and experiments by continuously monitoring key parameters and safely recording data. It provides function of traceability, and meets the requirements of laws and regulations, applicable to GMP/GLP standard management.


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