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Customers' Case

  • [Customers' Case] Greenland and Katie Precision Medical Center Use Case


    Greenland and Katie Precision Medical Center is a comprehensive medical research and service center integrating scientific research, medical treatment, prevention, testing and rehabilitation. It is a center with many talents in the field of precision medicine, and sets up a workstation for high-end Read More
  • [Customers' Case] 301 Hospital Sample Bank Case of CryoSmartCART


    The First Medical Center of the General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (301 Hospital) is a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, health care, teaching and scientific research, a designated hospital for medical insurance and new agricultural cooperation in Beijing, a Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Yidao Bio Use Case of Vapor Phase LN2 Tank


    Yidao Bio mainly does technology development in the field of biotechnology (except human stem cells, gene diagnosis and therapy technology development and application), free technology results transfer, and provides related technical consultation and technical services.Danclan provides users a total Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Danclan Intelligent Liquid Nitrogen Tank Services Zhongkezhongluan


    Zhongkezhongluan has always focused on leading the world's ultra-high standards of regenerative medicine, biotechnology, and life sciences. Professional expansion: anti-aging, medical beauty, health intervention, standard life and health management. With unique high-precision technology, special emb Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Danclan Services GBB


    Taili Biotech is the domestic operating entity of Great Bay Bio. The company adheres to the corporate vision of "making global biotechnology development easier and more efficient". The main business items are: biotechnology promotion services, medical research and experimental development, biologica Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Danclan Services for Chengdu Fifth People's Hospital


    In order to solve the "bottleneck" problem of scientific research and accelerate the improvement of the hospital's scientific and technological innovation ability, Chengdu Fifth People's Hospital launched the medical research and transformation center project. To ensure safe and reliable cell storag Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Kirin Cloud for IASO BIO


    IASO Bio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of novel cell therapies for oncology and autoimmune diseases. Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Kirin Cloud Services Huizhou Central Hospital


    In order to ensure the safe and reliable storage of biological samples and the data traceability, Huizhou Central Hospital uses Danclan Kirin Cloud Wireless Monitoring System, including vapor phase liquid nitrogen tank monitors, oxygen concentration monitors, humidity&temperature monitors and refrig Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Kirin Cloud Monitors for Yunnan Cell Engineering Center


    The Southern Cell Engineering Center has laid out a one-stop closed loop of the entire cell industry chain, including upstream storage, midstream testing, CGMP-level cell manufacturing, and matching blood for the entire industry chain, personalized physical examination, and customized cell medical t Read More
  • [Customers' Case] West China Hospital Uses Kirin Cloud Wireless Monitoring System Again


    West China Hospital of Sichuan University is a national center for the treatment of critical illnesses in western China, and is also one of the world's largest comprehensive hospital with the largest and earliest medical testing center accredited by the CAP in China. Read More
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