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Low pressure cryostor supply tank 500L for LN2 storage


Low pressure cryostor supply tank 500L for LN2 storage

Cryostor series tank is mainly used for storing liquid nitrogen in central laboratories. This 500L supply tank is a low pressure storage container. It uses less liquid in the container to gasify to generate pressure, so that the container automatically discharges liquid, thus supplementing liquid for other containers. The stainless-steel structure can be applied to the most rigorous environment, and it increases insulation performance and reduces evaporation loss rate. This series of products are completely equipped with a pressure booster valve, an exhaust valve, a drain valve, a pressure gauge. In addition, all models of this series are equipped with four direction moving casters to facilitate the use and movement of containers in different places. 

Product Features:

  • Special neck design and excellent vacuum performance, low evaporation loss rate

  • Protective operating ring

  • Perfect safety structure

  • Stainless steel material and durable product structure

  • Swivel casters for easy movement

  • Safe and efficient liquid level monitoring system (optional)

  • Reliable and stable low temperature regulator (optional)

  • Safe and worry-free automatic refill system (optional)

  • Long five-year vacuum warranty

Model Parameter:


Cryostor 500
Cryostor 500A
Liquid nitrogen capacity(L)500
Static evaporation(L/D)5.5
Overall height(MM)1576
Outer diameter(MM)1008
Weight empty(KG)255
Standard working pressure(Mpa)                                                                                     0.05
Highest working pressure(Mpa)


Primary relief valve opening pressure(Mpa)                                                                                     0.099
Secondary relief valve opening pressure(Mpa)                                                                                      0.15
Indication range of pressure guage(Mpa)                                                                                     0-0.25

* A-type replenishment tank is equipped with the voltage stabilizing system and the solenoid valve.

* Static evaporation and static holding time are theoretical values. Actual evaporation and holding time will be affected by the container usage, atmospheric conditions and manufacturing tolerance.

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