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Safety of Liquid Nitrogen

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Safety of Liquid Nitrogen

Using liquid nitrogen requires additional safety precautions because both lack of oxygen and extremely cold temperatures increase risks to workers compared to other refrigeration systems. Kirin Cloud Wireless Monitoring System is a great assistance for the safety.


1. Since liquid nitrogen will replace oxygen in the air, so it's necessary to use a oxygen monitor. When using a liquid nitrogen tank, ensure that the oxygen sensor is always in working condition. 

Smart sensor G1/G2 is a gas wireless sensor. It is a highly integrated IOT module with functions of monitoring oxygen concentration (0~30%VOL) and carbon dioxide concentration (0~10%VOL). The oxygen is suitable for the environment of all LN2 tanks. When the concentration data are collected, the collected data are transmitted to the data repeater according to the frequency (10 minutes/time).

2. If the room is large, it is recommended to use both fixed detectors and portable detectors. Oxygen sensing systems can be embedded in many places (for example: fresh air system, automatic emergency fan, automatic door opening, portable detection system).

3.Personal Protective Kit

Liquid nitrogen is easy to splash. When taking out samples from the liquid nitrogen or filling liquid nitrogen or other coolants into the contianer, you need to wear a protective mask and thick insulated gloves. If the cryovial explodes during storage, you must wear protective kit when removing the cryovial from the liquid nitrogen tank.

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