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Smart Audible and Visual Alarm with IOT Module Touch Screen

A sound and light alarm that relies on Kirin cloud platform.

Description of Smart Sound & Light Alarm Smartmonitor X:

Smartmonitor X Kirin Cloud Smart Sound and Light Alarm is a new generation of touch screen audible and visual alarm based on IOT, cloud technology and Android Pad technology, with three network connection modes of 4G/WIFI/cable network. It solves the technical application problems of users' on-site and remote alarm to ensure the safety of every monitoring and alarm demand. This device can be used as an external display, and users can select 15~32 inch display according to own demand. It is suitable for working in a room temperature environment ( - 20° C ~50° C ). This product can choose charger with backup power(optional), and the effective working duration of the battery can reach about 4 hours in case of power failure, which can ensure the normal running of monitoring device.

Product Feature:

  • Stable and reliable hardware structure

  • Convenient and efficient application logic

  • Freewheeling mobile display

  • Abundant network communication

  • Abundant and comprehensive serial function

  • Continuous working ability without power

  • Seamless functional complementarity

  • Certified product function

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