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Temperature related to biological samples—﹣196℃

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Temperature related to biological samples—﹣196℃

- 196°C is the temperature at which liquid nitrogen volatilizes, and the biochemical reactions in this temperature range basically cease, which can maintain the stability of macromolecules, cells and tissue microstructure for a long time, and is the most ideal temperature for preserving cellular activity in samples that can be achieved, but has high requirements for storage consumables.

Generally, the consumables are required to be able to withstand - 196°C deep low temperature, such as PP cryo-boxes and PC cryo-boxes.

Secondly, the consumables are required to have a high degree of hardness, which can be judged by observing the thickness of the consumables.

Finally, better sealing is required, especially when stored in liquid-phase liquid nitrogen tanks, as the flow and splashing of liquid nitrogen can bring the risk of cross-contamination and bursting of vials. Therefore, it is recommended to use internally thread cryo-vials or externally screwed cryo-vials with silicone gaskets on the cap to reduce this risk when storing in liquid phase liquid nitrogen tanks.

However, the risk of pipe bursts and cross-contamination cannot be completely avoided even with better sealing consumables, so the use of vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage has become a consensus.

In particular, the closer the temperature is to -196 °C and the higher the temperature uniformity of the liquid nitrogen storage device, the more conducive to the long-term storage of biological samples. (This article above is from network)

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