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Thermo/MVE Vapor Phase LN2 Tank Wireless Monitor

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Thermo/MVE Vapor Phase LN2 Tank Wireless Monitor

Kirin cloud gas phase LN2 tank level and temperature wireless monitoring system consists of three parts: ultra-low power wireless collector (Smart Read-Box), wireless data repeater with large capacity (Smart T-Box) and Kirin cloud management platform (Kirin Cloud). This system is an industry-leading and comprehensive solution to meet Thermo/MVE gas phase LN2 tank users’ requirements. It is suitable for any demand of Thermo/MVE gas phase LN2 tank products for level and temperature monitoring. It collects the liquid level and temperature data of Thermo/MVE gas phase LN2 tank system. At the same time, the low power and low temperature application technology is integrated. Not only the level and temperature value can be monitored in real time, but also can realize the remote monitoring and alarm. The whole system with excellent usability and reliability is the optimal choice for ensuring the running safety and traceable data of Thermo/MVE gas phase LN2 tank


Smart Read-Box is Thermo/MVE gas phase LN2 tank data collector. It is a highly integrated IOT module with functions of monitoring two-point temperature and liquid level. There is built-in rechargeable lithium battery with large capacity and high performance, and its effective working duration can reach about one years. The working environment of the sensor is ( -20°C~ 50°C). When installation, it connected to the port RJ-45 of vapor phase LN2 tank control system. When the temperature and liquid level data are collected, the collected data are transmitted to the repeater according to the natural frequency (10 minutes/time).


System Advantages:

  • Wireless Transmission: the sensor and repeater adapt LORA wireless transmission, and have the ability of self-adaption and self-matching efficient wireless networking;

  • Ultra-low Consumption: excellent ultra-low technique, and all the hardware with built-in battery can meet long working demand;

  • Whole Process Monitoring: it can realize the accurate uninterrupted monitoring and management of the target objects for 24 hours regardless of place, and it can realize the differential management by departments, authorities and equipment;

  • Traceability of Data: automatic data storage, backup of monitoring data, permanent storage of all monitoring data and can download on demand to help realize data traceability and meet various certification requirements;

  • Remote Management: the monitoring status can be inquired through computer, table PC or phone to operate;

  • Remote Alarm: abundant and comprehensive alarm logic (off-line alarm, threshold alarm, timed notice, recovery notification) to ensure the safety during transmission. When alarm logic is triggered, remote alarm (telephone, SMS, Email, WeChat) and the local alarm (sound and light alarm) will be responded.

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