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What is Liquid Nitrogen

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What is Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is the liquid form of nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a inert, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable and ultra-low temperature liquid. Frostbite caused by massive heat absorption contact during vaporization. Nitrogen constitutes the majority of the atmosphere (78.03% by volume and 75.5% by weight). At atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of nitrogen is -196.56°C. One cubic meter of liquid nitrogen can be expanded to 696 cubic meters of pure gaseous nitrogen (21°C). If pressurized, liquid nitrogen can be obtained at higher temperatures.

Application of Liquid Nitrogen

The application of liquid nitrogen in animal husbandry:

1. Embryo transplantation of various animals

2. Cryopreservation microbiological skills of liquid nitrogen

3. Use liquid nitrogen for animal treatment, such as skin tumor

Application of Liquid Nitrogen in the Food Industry

1. Food fast frozen

2. Drink processing

Many beverage manufacturers accept the confusion of nitrogen or nitrogen and CO2 instead of the traditional CO2, which is inflated and packaged. The gas of the upper space of the storage tank is inert, and the storage of the ease of corruption products is extended.

3. Fruit and vegetable preservation

4. Products of meat

5. Food low temperature crushing

6. Food packaging

When packaging for food, add a few drops of liquid nitrogen to the packaging bag. When liquid nitrogen evaporates into gas, its volume will be larger, and quickly replace most of the gases in the packaging bag, and eliminate the deterioration caused by oxidation for food.

7. Food transportation

Application of Liquid Nitrogen in Electronics Industry

1. Superconducting

2. Manufacturing and testing of electronic components

3. Cryogenic ball milling 

4. Green cutting

Other Applications of Liquid Nitrogen

It's the propellant for rocket fuel, it pushes the rocket fuel into the combustion chamber.

Clinical Medicine

Liquid nitrogen is currently the most widely used cryogen in cryosurgery. It is the best refrigerant found so far. It can be injected into the low-temperature medical device, just like a scalpel, and can be used for any operation.

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