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Danclan Cryolab Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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Danclan Cryolab Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Cryolab series liquid nitrogen tank is a small liquid nitrogen tank for economic laboratory, specially designed for biological samples or transport samples that require long-term static storage. There are two types of products: storage type and transportation type. This series is made of high-strength light aluminum alloy and contains multiple layers of super-strong thermal insulation layers, which realizes the safety, lightness and high efficiency of the products and a variety of accessories are available to choose from.

Cryolab 10-50

  • High-strength product structure and light weight

  • Ultra-low evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen

  • Numbered index location for canister

  • Store large capacity sS

  • Support cane to store various specifications of cryo vials

  • Safety lock cover structure to prevent unauthorized opening

  • Safe and efficient liquid level monitoring system(optional)

  • Convenient and labor-saving roller base (optional)

  • Reliable and stable LN2 transfer pump (optional)

  • Long five-year vacuum warranty

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