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Danclan Services GBB

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Danclan Services GBB

Taili Biotech is the domestic operating entity of Great Bay Bio. The company adheres to the corporate vision of "making global biotechnology development easier and more efficient". The main business items are: biotechnology promotion services, medical research and experimental development, biological chemical product technology research and development, industrial enzyme preparation research and development, fermentation process optimization technology research and development, mechanical equipment research and development, etc.

In order to ensure the safe and reliable storage of biological samples, meet the management requirements of GMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and the automatic liquid nitrogen supply of LN2 tanks, Taili Biotech uses Danclan Cryobiobank13K gas phase LN2 tanks and Cryostor 200 supply tanks.


Cryobiobank series LN2 tanks provide excellent protection for biological samples. The tank inside can ensure excellent temperature uniformity. The temperature difference in the whole storage area does not exceed 10℃, and the minimum temperature at the top of racks can reach -190℃. Based on the strict operation of Cryomonitor 3000 intelligent LN2 management system to ensure the safety of sample and the traceability of data. It can realize real-time liquid level and temperature monitoring, 24-hour uninterrupted remote monitoring and remote alarm management, as well as automatic backup of operational data to the cloud platform for permanent data storage, in line with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory management requirements.


Cryostor series LN2 supply tank is mainly used for storing liquid nitrogen in central laboratories. It uses less liquid in the container to gasify to generate pressure, so that the container automatically discharges liquid, thus supplementing liquid for other containers. The stainless-steel structure can be applied to the most severe service environment, and improved thermal insulation and reduced evaporation loss. This series of products are completely equipped with a pressure booster valve, an exhaust valve, a drain valve, a pressure gauge, and equipped with four direction moving casters to facilitate the use and movement of containers in different places.

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