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These are related to the cryogenic freezer news, in which you can learn about the updated information in cryogenic freezer, to help you better understand and expand cryogenic freezer market. Because the market for cryogenic freezer is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • [Customers' Case] Greenland and Katie Precision Medical Center Use Case


    Greenland and Katie Precision Medical Center is a comprehensive medical research and service center integrating scientific research, medical treatment, prevention, testing and rehabilitation. It is a center with many talents in the field of precision medicine, and sets up a workstation for high-end Read More
  • [Customers' Case] 301 Hospital Sample Bank Case of CryoSmartCART


    The First Medical Center of the General Hospital of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (301 Hospital) is a comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, health care, teaching and scientific research, a designated hospital for medical insurance and new agricultural cooperation in Beijing, a Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Yidao Bio Use Case of Vapor Phase LN2 Tank


    Yidao Bio mainly does technology development in the field of biotechnology (except human stem cells, gene diagnosis and therapy technology development and application), free technology results transfer, and provides related technical consultation and technical services.Danclan provides users a total Read More
  • [Knowledge Expansion] How To Choose An Ultra-low Temperature Refrigerator


    1. Energy SavingThe simplest way to reduce the "necessary devil" side effects is to choose a refrigerator with smaller operating power consumption and environmental heat dissipation rate for the same storage capacity, as well as one that can pass energy-saving certifications and has authoritative po Read More
  • [Customers' Case] Danclan Services GBB


    Taili Biotech is the domestic operating entity of Great Bay Bio. The company adheres to the corporate vision of "making global biotechnology development easier and more efficient". The main business items are: biotechnology promotion services, medical research and experimental development, biologica Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Kirin Cloud Monitoring For LN2 Tank—For the Safety of Reproduction


    On June 15, the Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau issued a notice to include 16 assisted reproductive technology projects involving a large population, necessary for diagnosis and treatment, mature technology, safe and reliable, into the scope of Class A reimbursement for outpatient clinics Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Vapor/Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tank Introduction


    The vapor phase LN2 tank works by preserving biological samples through the nitrogen vapor evaporated from liquid nitrogen. The temperature of nitrogen vapor is lower than -150 degrees to meet the cryogenic storage needs of biological samples, which is generally used to preserve samples with higher Read More
  • [Product Introduction] Danclan Transfer Vehicle - CryoSmartCART Series


    CryoSmartCART is specially designed for loading biological samples. This product adopts the leading high vacuum technology and uses high vacuum multi-layer insulation technology to keep inner temperature, effectively control the evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen, and ensure the effectiveness and d Read More
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