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Danclan Transfer Vehicle - CryoSmartCART Series

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Danclan Transfer Vehicle - CryoSmartCART Series

CryoSmartCART is specially designed for loading biological samples of cryovials in racks, boxes and vial canes. This product adopts the leading high vacuum technology and uses multi-layer insulation technology to keep inner temperature, effectively control the evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen, and ensure the effectiveness and durability of the cryogenic transfer vehicle. It is convenient for users of biobank to take samples out of the liquid nitrogen storage tank for temporary storage, sorting and transfer, thus ensuring that the biological samples are in a vapor phase liquid nitrogen environment below -150°C in the whole process. When using the operating platform function, this product will provide a safe and controllable operating environment without lid for up to 8 hours for biological samples. CryoSmartCART cryogenic transfer vehicle is an ideal mobile device for short-distance transfer and temporary storage of a large number of biological samples.


Product Features:

  • Keep working for up to 24 hours with the lid on

  • Can be equipped with OMEGA temperature monitor with T-type thermocouple or other monitoring device

  • Manual/automatic refilling system(optional) for supplying liquid nitrogen

  • The filling pipeline is equipped with a ball valve and safety valve to ensure safe use

  • Equipped with jacketed hose for liquid nitrogen filling

  • Equipped with mobile casters with brakes for easy movement

  • Equipped with the tool workbench for easy operation

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