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Kirin Cloud Monitoring For LN2 Tank—For the Safety of Reproduction

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Kirin Cloud Monitoring For LN2 Tank—For the Safety of Reproduction

On June 15th, the Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau issued a notice to include 16 assisted reproductive technology projects involving a large population, necessary for diagnosis and treatment, mature technology, safe and reliable, into the scope of Class A reimbursement for outpatient clinics of basic medical insurance starting from July 1st.


Including: ovulation induction test, sperm optimization treatment, sperm optimization treatment-density gradient centrifugation, intrauterine artificial insemination, semen cryopreservation, vaginal puncture oocyte collection, embryo morphology evaluation, blastocyst culture, in vitro fertilization embryo culture, embryo transfer, intracytoplasmic sperm injection in oocytes, single gene disease diagnosis of embryos, preimplantation embryo genetic detection of chromosomal diseases, blastocyst/blastomere/polar body biopsy, testis/epididymis sperm separation, frozen embryo recovery, etc.

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Danclan Smart Sensor LT is suitable for liquid level and temperature monitoring requirements of all liquid nitrogen tanks. Just need to replace the original LN2 tank plug. It adopts deep low temperature capacitive liquid level sensor and temperature sensor, and incorporates low-power low-temperature application technology. It can not only display the liquid level and temperature in real time, but also realize remote monitor and alarm.

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This system has self-adaption networking, easy installation, convenient use, accurate data, reliable running and safe transmission. The data is collected by wireless sensors (Smart Sensor), and then transmitted to data repeater (Smart Box) and uploaded to Kirin Cloud Platform through 4G or WIFI network. Users only need to register and log in to realize remote monitoring, remote alarm (phone, SMS, E-mail, WeChat, sound and light alarm) and data traceability. With the IOT as a means, the difficulties and “pain points” of life science equipment management are completely solved.  It provides function of traceability, and meets the requirements of laws and regulations, applicable to GMP/GLP standard management.

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