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Large capacity vapor liquid nitrogen tank 450L for biobanks


Cryobiobank series vapor phase liquid nitrogen tanks provide excellent protection for samples. This LN2 tanks with large capacity bases on Cryomonitor 3000 intelligent liquid nitrogen management. It can store samples in both  vapor and liquid phase and often used for biobanks that need large storage capacity. The temperature difference in the whole storage area does not exceed 10°C , and the min temperature at the top of the cryo rack can reach -190°C.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with vapor phase and liquid phase storage modes;

  • Various capacity optional to meet the storage requirements;

  • Temperature and liquid level monitoring system;

  • Alarm system, which can realize remote monitoring and alarm through Internet;

  • Automatic refilling system;

  • Operation data can be stored locally and cloud platform permanently, and can be exported and archived;

  • One-click defogging, convenient for sample search and collection;

  • Prevent splashing of liquid nitrogen to ensure safe operation;

  • ISO 9000 and CE certification;

Large liquid nitorgen tank for biobank- Cryobiobank 19K

Model Cryobiobank 19K
2ML cryovial(interanl thread) 18200
Cryoracks(100 cells/boxes) 12
Cryoracks(25 cells/boxes) 4
Shelves of per rack 14
Liquid nitrogen capacity(L) 460
Liquid nitrogen capacity under platform storage(L) 55
Neck diameter(MM) 326
Internal height(MM) 828
Overall height 1708
Outer diameter(MM) 875
Door with requirements(MM) 895
Weight empty(KG) 277
Weight liquid full(KG) 649

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