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PA High security Cryo Box for liquid nitrogen


PA High security Cryo Boxes are mainly used for storage and management of biological samples and medical clinical samples in ultra-low temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks, so as to make efficient use of limited storage space. PA (paper) cryobox can be used in the ultra-low temperature refrigerator and liquid nitrogen tank, but the service cycle in the liquid nitrogen will not be too long, and the filmed PA cryobox cannot be used. The 2-inch cryobox mainly has three specifications of 100 cells, 81 cells, and 25 cells. It can be used to store domestic and foreign brands of 0.5ml/1.0ml/1.5ml/1,8ml and other capacity cryovials. The cryobox of 100 cells can only store the internal thread cryovial.

Product Feature:

  • Made of durable cardboard

  • Coated, easy to prevent moisture, can be repeatedly frozen and thawed, and is not easy to form frost

  • Temperature range -196°C~121°C (suitable for high temperature and high pressure sterilization)

  • Can be used for liquid nitrogen storage after drilling

  • Removable lid (with writing area), the surface is easy to label and distinguish

  • Available in five colors: white, pink, blue, green and yellow

  • Suitable for all standard cryoracks

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