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Transport type gas phase LN2 tank 10L for Embryo storage


Cryotrek series is suitable for transporting biological samples in ultra-low temperature environment, and can avoid the danger of LN2 release during transportation, and this 10L transport type tank is especially suitable for short-term air transportation and embryo storage. There is a LN2 absorber inside, which can absorb and store LN2, and LN2 will not overflow even if the container is dumped. The M-type tank is equipped with wireless temperature monitoring system.

Product Features:

  • Vapor(gas) phase cryopreservation

  • Excellent vacuum performance for longer storage time

  • Straw or cryovials is optional

  • No liquid nitrogen overflow during transportation

  • Safe and lockable lock cover

  • Unique stainless steel mesh screen ensures clean storage space

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