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Yidao Bio Use Case of Vapor Phase LN2 Tank

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Yidao Bio Use Case of Vapor Phase LN2 Tank

Yidao Bio mainly does technology development in the field of biotechnology (except human stem cells, gene diagnosis and therapy technology development and application), free technology results transfer, and provides related technical consultation and technical services.


Danclan provides users a total liquid nitrogen cryopreservation solution. It is convenient for users for sample preservation, scientific research and other aspects of research. Danclan's vapor phase tanks provide users with fingerprint, face recognition, remote alarm and other functions. Whether from the appearance, function and performance have been recognized by users.

Danclan provides you with scientific, innovative and safe solutions for liquid nitrogen cryopreservation. Scientific product design, innovative product functions and safe product performance allow you to store your precious biological samples with confidence. 


Cryobiobank series combines advanced liquid nitrogen tank manufacturing technology and intelligent Internet of Things technology, which can monitor the operation status of liquid nitrogen tanks in real time and provide you with the best protection for your precious samples. Problems occur in time (by WeChat, email, SMS, phone, sound and light) to ensure the safety of sample storage.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with vapor phase and liquid phase storage modes

  • 10 kinds of capacity optional

  • Excellent internal temperature uniformity and stability

  • Reliable temperature and liquid level monitoring system

  • Perfect alarm system that can realize remote monitor and alarm

  • Safe and worry-free auto-filling liquid nitrogen system

  • Operation data can be stored locally and cloud platform permanently, and support export and archive

  • One-click defogging, easy to find and take samples

  • Prevent splashing of liquid nitrogen to ensure safe operation

  • Comply with FDA 21 CFR PART 11 standard management, with digital signature and audit trail function

  • ISO 9000 and CE certification

  • Long five-year vacuum warranty

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