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Vapor/Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tank Introduction

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Vapor/Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen Tank Introduction

The vapor phase LN2 tank works by preserving biological samples through the nitrogen vapor evaporated from liquid nitrogen. The temperature of nitrogen vapor is lower than -150℃ to meet the cryogenic storage needs of biological samples, which is generally used to preserve samples with higher biosafety level.

The vapor phase LN2 tank consists of a vacuum double tank, a rotating tray and devices. Below the rotating tray is liquid nitrogen filling area, and at the top of the tray is samples placement area. The tank is insulated by vacuum body, and use devices to monitor the temperature and liquid level, send alarm messages and control solenoid valves for automatic liquid nitrogen filling…

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Where vapor phase LN2 tank can be used?

  • Medium and large biological sample banks.

  • Hospital, Center of Disease Control.

  • Biopharmaceutical companies.

  • Research Institutions: university, research institution, laboratory, etc.

What are vapor phase LN2 tanks usually used to store?

Vapor phase LN2 tank, also known as biobanks, are used to store large quantities of biological samples and to centrally preserve various biological materials.

  • Blood bank: blood, plasma, serum, platelets, cord blood, etc.

  • Tissue bank: cornea, heart valves, skin, biofluids, organ tissue, biomolecules, tumor cells, etc.

  • Stem cell and bone marrow bank: bone marrow, cord blood stem cell, embryonic stem cell, hematopoietic stem cell, mesenchymal stem cell, etc.

The reasons chose Danclan vapor phase LN2 tank:

  • No sample contamination: vapor phase LN2 tank without the risk of cryovial bursting, eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination of samples, more suitable for the storage of high-value biological samples. In the case of liquid phase storage, if the cryovial is immersed in liquid nitrogen without sealing, the liquid nitrogen will seep into the cryovial and burst, when the liquid nitrogen is taken out, the rapid gasification causes the pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the vial to be too large and the vial bursts, and the sample will leak out and contaminate all the samples in the tank with the flow of liquid nitrogen.

  • Sample partition storage: the vapor phase LN2 tank can be divided into 4-6 independent areas, different types of samples stored in different areas to prevent sample confusion, to meet the diversified needs of customers.

  • Saving cost: when the sample volume reaches a certain amount, a large vapor phase LN2 tank can save space and reduce the storage cost per unit of sample because it covers less space than several small liquid phase LN2 tanks.

  • Saving manpower: the vapor phase LN2 tank is equipped with automatic filling system, temperature and liquid level sensors, and automatic data storage function, which can save manpower and improve working efficiency compared with manual liquid level measurement, data recording and manual liquid filling.

For further information of Danclan vapor phase LN2 tank, please find in link: Cryobiobank Series

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